Joseph Jackerson

About the Author:

Joseph Jackerson
Joseph Jackerson
Beersheba, Israel

Joseph Jackerson (born June 2, 1936, Leningrad) is a Russian and Israeli painter. He studied art at the Leningrad Academy of Fine Arts. Jackerson immigrated to Israel from the USSR in 1973. His works were exhibited in many shows in Israel, the United States, Russia, Switzerland, and Australia. In addition, he designed sets for many theater productions and taught painting and drawing.

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by Evgeny Pinelis

Evgeny Pinelis, an intensive care physician in a  New York City hospital, was born in Moscow to a family of doctors, graduated from medical school, and works in the United States. “Vsyo Nichevo” (literal translation: “All Nothing” or “Everything’s Okay”) is his debut book.

by Ali Bader

A novel by Ali Bader, an award-winning Iraqi novelist, essayist, poet, scriptwriter, and journalist who has written ten novels that won 5 Arabic literary awards, several works of non-fiction and two poetry collections. Author of the novel <em>Papa Sartre</em> (AUC Press, 2009). Ali Bader, who had covered the Middle East as a war correspondent, lives in Belgium.

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