Olga Balla

About the Author:

Балла. (1)
Olga Balla
Moscow, Russia

Olga Balla is a Russian literary critic and essayist. She edits the Philosophy and Cultural Studies section of Znanie—Sila (a Russian magazine) as well as the criticism section of Znamya (a major Russian literary magazine). She has authored several books on culture and literature. Her books include: Notes on the Unwritten (USA, Franc-Tireur, 2010), Exercises in Being (Совпадение, 2016), Dreamtime/Время сновидений (Совпадение, 2018), Дикоросль (Hanover: Seven Arts, 2020), Дикоросль – 2 (Hanover: Семь искусств, 2021). Her awards and honors include: three-time winner of Znanie-Sila magazine; winner of the 2010 Новый мир award in the Criticism category, winner of the 2018 “Author of the Year” contest of the Еврейские записки online portal and Семь искусств magazine, winner of the 2019 Russian Literary and Critical Prize Неистовый Виссарион/Unbridled Vissarion, winner of the Independent newspaper NG-EXLIBRIS literary award in the Concepts category, 2021.

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