With Bakhyt Kenjeev, Andrey Grtitsman, Boris Khersonsky, Tatiana Voltskaya, Nina Kossman, Eli Bar-Yahalom, Emilia Rozenshteyn, Semyon Reznik, Alex Volodarskiy, Alexander Rudkevich, Victor Fet, film editing by Ellina Savitsky; Ilia Zmejev, consultant

1) The debate between Slavophiles and Westerners began about two hundred years ago. Do you think this topic is related to the current catastrophe (the war in Ukraine)?
2) Are there any Russian poems that you fell out of love with after the war began? If there are, which ones?

3) What would you like to say to those who live in the Russian Federation and, risking their freedom, openly oppose the war?
4) After the film had been created and edited, the news of the mobilization in the RF arrived, and the topics under discussion took on a new meaning.