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Gennadi Kazakevitch. Betrayal.
Hunting Wooly Mammoth
Gennadi Kazakevitch. Betrayal.

сколько охотников
не пошли за вождями
на мамонтов

в мелких животных не столько еды
но не страшно ловить каждый день

сколько моисеев
но за ними
нет никого

сзади лепёшку дадут
а впереди
только солнце
пустыня и голод

сколько сегодня
поющих осанну
а завтра кричащих
«распни его»

зря не кричите

скоро войдёт легион
и храма не станет


so many hunters
do not join their chiefs
in killing mammoths

not much food in smaller game
but a lot less fear in catching it

so many moseses
but no one
follows them

they’d hand you flatbread from behind
while ahead
nothing but desert
sunburn, starvation

so many sing
“hosanna” today
and shout “crucify him”

don’t shout in vain

soon a legion will come
and the temple will be no more

Translated from Russian by the poet



About the Author:

Gennadi Kazakevitch
Gennadi Kazakevitch
Melbourne, Australia

Gennadi Kazakevitch was born in Moscow and grew up in Siberia.  He graduated from the economics department of Moscow State University.  He lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he teaches economics at Monash University.  He is a columnist in Australian media on matters of economics. He authored two collections of poetry in Russian with translations, and his Russian poems were published in various literary journals and collections.  He won the first translators’ prize at a literary competition “Emigrantskaya Lira 2019” in Belgium.

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Gennadi Kazakevitch Геннадий Казакевич
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