Mythological Art of Alla Nesterova
Mythological Art of Alla Nesterova
Phaeton, son of Helios and Clymene, a water nymph
Mythological Art of Alla Nesterova

Alla Nesterova’s myth works defy simplistic description, therefore it’s best to describe them with these lines from one of her own poems in “My Mythology” cycle:

“…there is an armchair and the soul is carried over
to where all steps fade in the captive town
and it is followed by the water of the others
that alters all their features from without” *


*Translated from Russian by Dmitri Manin

Alla Nesterova’s works in EWLF are reprinted, with the artist’s permission, from Alla Nesterova. Greek Mythology (Алла Нестерова. Греческая мифология).

About the Author:

1. Alla Nesterova. photo.
Alla Nesterova
Hanover, Germany

Alla Nesterova was born in Orenburg. She studied violin at the college of the Moscow State Conservatory and graduated from the Yekaterinburg State Conservatory. She worked on her Greek mythology graphics for 20 years. She now has 140 sheets of cardboard with 140 different mythological themes. Her collections of poems and books with her graphics were published in Berlin.

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