Arists of Ukraine. Oleh Denysenko
1. Oleg. Music Box. _10_14_1992
Oleh Denysenko. "Music Box" (fragment)
Arists of Ukraine. Oleh Denysenko

“I share the idea that the world is dualistic. There cannot be white without black, because then we would not understand the difference between good and evil, love and hate. The glass, the wine, is the quintessence of the same sun as well as of the blood and of secret knowledge. The horse on wheels is my favorite theme. It is a model of the worldview of the Vikings, the Sumerians, the Tripolians. The wheel is a symbol of progress, of the movement forward, and the horse speeds it up. I often portray people wearing tower-like headdresses in my works. It’s an element of communication with the Almighty, with some higher power.”
– Oleh Denysenko

About the Author:

1. Oleg Denisenko better photo
Oleh Denysenko
Lviv, Ukraine

Oleh Denysenko is a Ukrainian artist, born in 1961. His etchings delight the imagination with their fantastical & historical themes and complex, intricate detail. The fineness of line and rich imagery reflect the very strong and active print tradition of Eastern Europe. Denysenko’s works are original, similar to medieval graphic art, saturated with symbols that urge viewers to decipher the meaning of being. The artist’s works have been exhibited more than 300 times in many countries.

Oleh Denysenko Олег Денисенко
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