Art of Gene Kreyd
Gene Kreyd, "Arizona" (fragment)
Art of Gene Kreyd

While living in California, Gene discovered surfing, which was soon to become a major source of inspiration for his self-expression. “From a very young age I loved nature, but surfing became the axis of my life”. Gene studied Chinese arts and medicine, yoga, meditation as well as Western fine art and art history. Not fully satisfied with the traditional approach, Gene chose to focus on exploration and experimentation. In his own words: “I am an explorer. I graduated from the university of reality”. In the 1980s, he travelled the world extensively in search of waves and inspiration for his art. Throughout his career, Gene expressed himself through clothing design, film, music, and photography. His true love, however, has always been abstract art. Exhibited internationally, his paintings are in the hands of collectors in Europe, Russia, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. His intention, in creating art, is to inspire and awaken. Gene’s motto is “Live the life you love!”.

About the Author:

Gene Kreyd
Gene Kreyd
Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Gene Kreyd was born in Leningrad, the USSR (1964). Gene’s art career began when he first learned to hold a pencil. He was exposed to art from a very young age, when his parents took him to museums, galleries, and exhibitions in Leningrad. As a child, he attended a children’s art club at the Hermitage Museum where he won first place for a self-portrait. The photo of his work, with an accompanying story, were published in one of the city’s main newspapers. His parents’ close circle of friends included some of the leading Russian underground / nonconformist artists, poets, and writers. These surroundings had a strong influence on Gene’s approach and development as an artist. In 1973, the family emigrated to the US. He currently lives in Bali, Indonesia, where he surfs and paints.

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Gene Kreyd Джин Крейд
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